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The Hidden Power of Repetition

Nothing can stop us when we commit ourselves to accept Repetition as the necessary tool to master a specific subject. – that’s why “People” turn to be the most important “Asset” of any Organization.

Lau - Author of "The Hidden Power of Repetition"We may not be aware, but, in order to really learn something we have to repeat it over and over again, so our brain records the necessary pattern. Then, and only then we’ll be mastering the steps of the “task” in hand.

It’s easy to understand how important Repetition is to our mind. – If you type a “Strong Password” every single day, you’ll soon start doing it subconsciously. And it’s interesting to note that, from time to time, if you stop and try to remember that same Password, your “Conscious Mind” seems not to be able to get it.

You have certainly written the wrong date several times in the beginning of each year. For example, in the next few months, if you try to write 01.01.2016 you’ll probably end up writing 01.01.2015.

There’s no learning or new habit without Repetition. There’s no Education without repetition. In conclusion, our Success in life (Health, Money, Relationship… ) is without any shadow of doubt, the result of the Repetition of key actions.


Being in Command of vessels, I came into the conclusion that a Ship’s Master, like any other leader, is nothing but a father, and your crew/team is your children. You have to take care of them. You must guide them in the right direction, which is your organization’s business goals. How? – By simple leading by example, and if necessary, repeating up to exhaustion whatever action is critical to your business.

You should never give orders and simply sit to wait for things to happen the way you want. That’s definitively not the way to deal with your team. If fact it’s one of the biggest mistake leaders make.

There’s no way you can be a good leader if you are not committed to be involved in action. There’s no way you can succeed if you don’t like to repeat instructions. At least you have to know how to delegate the important task of engaging and motivating your team at whatever cost and repetition effort.

It has been proved that we may read a book or listen to an audio program several times, and still getting new ideas continuously; Not only from the product itself, but also as the result of the inspiration. How? -Our emotion reaches its peak level, and greats things start to happen.

People like to buy and collect books, and the truth is that we really enjoy reading. However, for most people the level of comprehension is low. Instead of reading a bunch of books, trying to touch all different areas of knowledge, we are required to identify and concentrate on specific subjects. There are people out there who claim to have completely changed their live by reading one single book over and over again.

You also must reserve block times to read and listen to interesting audios every single day. If you are not able to spend one hour, spend 30 minutes, or even 15 minutes. This simple assignment alone is likely to change your life for better in a meter of months.

Our formal education (going up to high school or simply laying at elementary level) is noting, but the foundation of that huge building of wisdom that all of us is willing to construct by applying Repetition throughout our entire lives.


Once again, Life is all about Repetition. – Start observing your own life, the Earth motions. Think also about the entire Universe, Multiverse… Depending on how far your imagination goes, it may take an “infinity”, but each event repeats on regular interval.

If we could live forever, one day we would certainly end up crossing the entire Universe/Multiverse in a matter of seconds. Yes, any big goal is completed step by step, sometimes by repeating each single step multiple times.

Always dream high… but progress slowly and firmly.


This article about Repetition has been first published in the Ezine Articles website.

8 thoughts on “The Hidden Power of Repetition”

  1. Very well written…did you know that repetition induces neuroplastic changes in your brain? You actually change the structure of your brain through repetiton…it takes on average 6 weeks.

    Nice job,

  2. I completely agree. What is it, like 21 days in a row until something becomes a habit too? If people haven’t learned by now that repetition is the only way to truly learn something, they’re in for a shock.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for commenting. When it turns to talk about “days” to make something a habits, those numbers might be subjective. Each person have his own affinity with a specific number, and tend to base his actions on that same number. In fact, discipline and perseverance are what really matters.

  3. Hi Laurindo,

    You are right repetition is how we learn! They say that practice makes it perfect! And to be a good leader, you must know what you are talking about so you must have done it before to be able to transfer your knowledge to others!

    Great post, very informative, keep up the good work!

  4. Repitition is certainly a necessity for the process of learning just about anything, and your article made that even clearer. Off to read some more of your posts.

    1. Thanks Debra.
      I would go even further; – Repetition is a necessity for the process of living… cause living in its essence is a long process of learning.

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