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Generate Free Traffic Blogging

If you want to drive real visitors to your website, forget about software and concentrate on what really matters. By the way, there is no such thing as free traffic. It will always cost you one of your most precious “assets”: – your time. As a blogger, your mission is to create quality content. Yes, the moment you started your online venture, you committed yourself (although unconsciously) to always deliver value to your readers.

Free Traffic

Blogging is a journey and it is meant to turn each of your visitors into a friend. Your life experience/story is above all what your readers normally want to know about.

Unfortunately, almost all websites and blogs pursue a clear goal: – Short term profit. That is the reason why most bloggers fail and give up. Therefore, always expect returns in the exact same proportion of the value you are providing to your audience.

Bear in mind that we live in such a “crazy world”: – We are now able to touch the heart of millions of people in a matter of hours. If somehow you are able to produce a “viral piece of content”, be it a blog post/article, video… or even a single friend on Facebook, it might be all you need to trigger the process.

Please do not ignore the fact that your blog/website is your business foundation, no matter what niche(s) you choose.

A real business reveals the idea of continuity: – It’s something you setup today, expecting to see it growing consistently with the potential to continue serving the world for years to come, while at the same time generating profit, even for your grandchildren.

Needless to say that your blog/website should always be your passion: The place you come to share your dreams and victories, or even look for advice from time to time. Yes, you are working hard to create good friends; each willing to reward you for your loyalty and support.

Again, talking about free traffic – Software driven traffic might help your blog/site ranking in the search engines. Even though, I would not recommend that you use them.

…Instead, do not ignore the power of the following tools. They can help your website/blog to gain popularity/authority in a relatively short time. Yes, I prefer to use “gain popularity”, instead of free traffic:

  • Create a Quora account and answer questions related to your niche(s). Do it frequently and above all, honestly. I am also new here, but I like the platform;
  • Consider also creating an account and publishing articles on “Enzinearticles” or other similar platform;
  • Create a channel and publish videos on YouTube;
  • Create a Facebook page and share your articles and/or videos;
  • Learn about and start using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Whenever possible, target specific keywords in your articles. Below is a snapshot of the Keyword Analysis of a draft of this article;

Free Traffic Keyword Analysis

As you have already noted, while I am not really concerned about “Free Traffic”, it is the exact keyword that I am targeting with this article. It is a highly competitive keyword, I know, but chances are it can be well ranked in the search engines.

Sow the seeds and let them rise and flourish. Be confident that your “voice” will be heard, and your message will certainly change the world for the better.

Always be yourself and you will succeed.

Laurindo Santos.


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