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What is the Law of Attraction all About?

Putting it simply, the Law of Attraction is based on the fact that “Like attracts like”. We bring into our lives whatever it is that we drive our attention to on a day to day basis. By its turn, our attention is determined by our thoughts. Thoughts, as everything in this world, are no more than “Energy”, the fuel of the Law of Attraction.

Image relating to the Law of Attraction.

We are always in command of our own lives.

The Law of Attraction is always working. It’s the reason why we have our wonderful family, good friends, the house of our dreams… It’s the reason why you are now reading this article. But it’s also the reason why from time to time we come to meet undesirable people, or perhaps we feel that we do not have enough money.

Our mind is constantly generating and processing a bunch of thoughts, either consciously or unconsciously. Yes, I do not know for real how many thoughts… In fact nobody really knows. In order to attract what we want, the thoughts related to our desire must be far stronger and more consistent than any other thoughts currently being processed by our minds.

However, in order to better clarify the concept of the Law of Attraction, we need to approach the field of science to some degree:

The only way to attract something is by putting ourselves in the same “frequency” of that desired thing. It’s clear that everything has a frequency.

Have you ever found yourself remembering someone, and suddenly the phone rings, and to your surprise is that exact same person on the other end of the line? Or when you are on the street and the face of a friend of yours comes to your mind, and seconds later, you find yourself in front of him? – There’s no doubt; those are common situations in our lives, but we simply do not know why they happen.

It doesn’t matter what you want; it already exists. The only thing you have to do in order to bring it into your life is to simply put yourself in the same frequency of that thing. That’s the reason why it’s often said that “The Law of Attraction is simple, but not easy”.

And why is it so simple? – Because you are part of the Universe and it would not be the same without you. On the other hand, it’s not easy because it’s hard for you to believe how simple it is.

The Law of Attraction related “keywords” are flooding the Internet search engines every single second. And the reason is simple: It’s the law that governs all aspects of life. Currently, a simple search in Google for the “Law of Attraction” returns almost 6 million results.  Without quotes, we’d be dealing with more than 53 million results. These are numbers that would render us completely lost if we try to figure out what we really want to know about such a popular subject.

There’s so much being said out there about the Law of Attraction, and each author claims (although indirectly) to have the best interpretation of that Universal Law.

Fortunately it’s possible to find common points of view and I would like to summarize some of them here. First and foremost, I’ll be pointing out two terrible common mistakes:

Common mistake 1 – Almost all of us spend our entire lives concentrating on what we don’t want, instead of driving our energy to what we really want for our lives. And in fact, quite frequently we do not know what we really want. How can we expect to receive something from the Universe if we have no clue to guide it on how to help us?

Common mistake 2 – Even if we are 100% conscious of what it is that we want, sometimes we completely sabotage our dreams. Quite frequently, we try to convince ourselves that for some reason we do not deserve so much money, health, happiness…

It’s clear that the Law of Attraction is available and working for everyone. But, it’s perhaps even more obvious that only a small fraction of people actually know how to use it. It has been statistically proved that 96% of the world’s wealth belongs to 1% of the population. And it’s no different when we turn to talk about health, happiness, relationships…

Certainly, we all know what to think about, but do we really know how to think?

At this point you are probably asking: What can I do to be among the successful 1% of people in this world?  Well, I have listed below the steps that different authors normally advise us to follow, in order to have the Law of Attraction really working for our benefit. And please, do not be disappointed; it’s a “Simple Action Plan” that has been gleaned from the astonishing number of products out there teaching the Law of Attraction, irrespective of their size and/or volume:

  1. Define clearly what you want;
  2. Make if stronger and stronger in your mind on a day to day basis. See and feel yourself actually living your dream;
  3. At the same time, remove any signs of doubts from your mind and your feelings;
  4. Follow the necessary action, and do it with passion;
  5. Be patient, and do not worry how and when the results will be showing up. You have sown the seeds. Now, let them rise and flourish.

Subjacent to the above “Simple Action Plan”, there’s an important aspect that cannot be dissociated from the Law of Attraction. By the way, it’s not possible to make our dreams come true without showing “Gratitude” for what we already have, as insignificant as it apparently is.

But, is it enough for us to have the Law of Attraction really working for our benefit?

– Probably not.

We need to transform this plan into something measurable. And what I am about to reveal may shock you:

Anyone committed to having the Law of Attraction work for him must first be aware of something completely ignored by almost everyone, yet it is very logical.  At this point, I invite you to take a moment to analyze the word “Attraction”. Yes, you’ve got it – No action; No attraction; No results. Period!

The law affects us in all areas of our lives. But, as we want to experiment with something measurable, money is the answer. So, let’s start playing with numbers, while I share with you my very own experience:

In August 2005 I bought a book, whose title caught my attention. But the truth is that I kept it on my bookshelf for more than 10 years, without reading a single word, apart from the title and perhaps the back cover.

In December 2015 I listened to an audio lesson about speed reading, and I eventually went to pick up that exact book to practice some of the tips. Pretending to have transformed myself into a “reading machine”, I devoured the 200+ pages in a matter of minutes, without even trying to understand what I was actually “reading”.

However, those few minutes turned out to be enough to bring me to probably the most important advice of the book; a simple strategy that has opened my eyes, showing me how easy it is to attract and save money. I am talking about the “14th Wealth Principles” amongst a total of 17, and which I want to reveal here using the author’s exact same words:

  • Open your Financial Freedom Bank Account. Put 10 percent of all your income (after taxes) into this account. This money is never to be spent, only invested to produce passive income for your retirement.

Please note that I have had a job and a guaranteed income every single month, for almost 20 years. But I had never realized that, “irrespective of our income, we are always able to save, at least that 10 percent”. In fact I am saving 21 percent, and it is not hard to keep on track. It’s simply because the number 21 is quite magic. Well, I know you are now curious. But please continue reading, and later on, you can come back here to know why.

Again, according to the author, the reason why this strategy works so well is that “whatever it is that we measure expands”. He goes on even further, remembering that as everything in this world, “money is energy”.

Now, I have no doubt… Take, for example your very own situation (even if right now you do not have a penny in your pocket), and the richest human being on this planet. Guess what? – Both of you have the exact same chances of dying rich. If you are saving 1 dollar and your counterpart is saving 1 million, both of you are taking the exact same action. – Saving money is, above all, what does matter.

Again, picking an interesting idea from the above stated book:

If you show the Universe that you are able to manage 1 dollar, soon it will be giving you 10 dollars and later, 1 thousand, then 1 million… And the money keeps coming to you in ways you cannot explain.

The book is divided into two parts. In Part I the author claims that our “Money Blueprint” is what actually determines our financial situation. According to him, the good news is that it’s never too late to change your money blueprint. By the way, the book covers the necessary tips to guide you on the process of creating a new attitude about money.

Interested in reading the book? The title is “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, by T. Harv Eker, and it is available from Amazon, also in Portuguese.

If you have read and/or own the book, I advise you to read it frequently. If not, I highly recommend that you do your best to purchase it.

Or perhaps you want to know my own experience about the Law of Attraction!? – If that’s the case, please click here and I’ll direct you to an interesting article; It’s The Golden Key to Success.

Wishing you success in your effort to reach your financial freedom, perfect health and the relationship of your dreams.

Laurindo Santos

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