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The Golden Key to Success


I finally figured out why I´m not rich. The reason is simple; – I’ve not yet decided to be rich. No, I’m not kidding. This is serious. – I always get everything I desire. And I’ll show here some examples. But first I want to share something I learned from my Idol “Brendon Burchard” – God blessed us all with the “gift of humility.” And I’m a humble person, thoughtful, and somewhat reserved. But today I want to reveal this valuable lesson.

In fact, our “Life Experience” ends up being our “greater asset”, regardless of education, social status, breed or skin color. Putting it simple; – Each of us is a “Genius” by nature. Please understand that my intention is not to praise myself, but rather simply share this blessing from God:

– Once frustrated at Elementary School, I decided to be a brilliant student. Since then and until I finished my studies, I was able to be among the best students.

– In July 1995, after finishing the Bachelor in Navigation at the Nautical Training Centre in Mindelo, I naturally brought with me the worry of getting my first job. Fortunately I had learned from my parents something very realistic – Each person has its own place. Indeed, on 21st August of the same year I started working, and till now I have my secure and pleasurable job. And the best part – I decided to improve myself at work and I keep growing each single minute.

– On March 4th, 1999, while starting the Graduation Degree in CIAGA, Rio de Janeiro, I desired to be the “number one” in my class. But maybe because it wasn’t with enough conviction I ended up being the second best in rank.

– At the age of 28, again in Cape Verde, I went back to Sea. I wished to command a ship before 35 years old. At the age of 30 I started working as Master. I was then the youngest crewmember on board.

Toy Djack– Well, I would like also to reveal what I consider to be one of the most important projects of my Great Idol, my father Toy Djack. He retired at 62 years old, and at the age of 80, after forty years of emigration, and ten years after my mom passed away, he decided to launch a Music CD. He faced many obstacles, but with the support of the whole family, the dream finally came true in May 2012.

– I needed, wanted and learned how to persuade people, but always used this attribute carefully and responsibly. – I know my freedom ends where others begins.

– I like challenges, and I had to struggle a lot to learn to overcome the many obstacles, sometimes working long hours. I’m working ashore since July 2003, so I need to manage my schedule better in order to spend more quality time with my family. I’m being gradually reducing my working hours, while increasing my performance. Well, I’m still the first to arrive and normally the last to leave the Office.

– I love teaching and the reason is simple – Who teaches is rewarded with learning. I am privileged to work with highly skilled professionals. I learn every day with all my colleagues, regardless of their position in the Company or education. I learned to take the most of the experience of these Great Men and Women.

– I learned and believe that 21 is a “magic number”; (Read also “The Magic of the Number 21”).

Coincidence or not, my Wife and I got married after dating for 21 years. – We wanted and we have two beautiful daughters.

– God blessed me with 4 brothers and 4 sisters. And because we desire, our relationship is getting stronger on a day to day basis. We are proud to have given to our parents the pleasure of seeing us growing away from any kind of addiction.

Again, I have not yet decided to be rich, and I will postpone that decision. But I decided and I am happy. Actually very happy, because I have all that I desire. And you can too, you should and deserve to be happy;

– You, my friend, if you’re looking for your first job, remember that “Each person has its own place.” Ask God to guide your steps. Send to the Universe that burning desire of start working.

– Let me reveal a “secret”. – As you know the “Universe” is infinite. Its vastness defies the “Human Mind”. I learned from my Idol “Burt Goldman“, that somewhere in this vastness there is a “Laurindo – Rich.” Soon I decide to be rich, I will send him my vibrations (desires) and he’ll reply, “programming” my mind according to the wealth concept. There is also an “Expert- Laurindo”, a “Healthy Laurindo,” there is even one “Laurindo – Cristiano Ronaldo”… but also one “Laurindo – Bin”.

We are exactly the reflection of the level of communication we maintain with the Universe – The Golden Key to Success or Failure.

Now you can easily understand why our situation gets worse whenever we try to “fight against” certain things. – If we want Peace, we should never complain about War. The Universe understands that this is our intention, and sends us more War. Instead, we should walk for Peace, desire Peace, and finally attract Peace.

Monte Cara1

– If you suffer from any kind of disease or addiction (alcohol, drugs… ), decide today and now to live a healthy life, free from any kind of “evil.” – You can help yourself, you can get help from other people, doctors or medical system, and God also wants to help you.

– Each single day Cancer kills thousands of people worldwide. And how many other ailments afflict us nowadays!? – Joining our desires, we’ll find without any doubt, the right way to eradicate any kind of evil; By simply being able to create the “vibration” with enough intensity to purify our world.

Finally, please ignore potential English language mistakes. I’m not a native English speaker. Moreover I have not yet decided to improve my English writing skills. When ready to do so, I’ll contact the “Laurindo – Writer” somewhere in the vastness of the Universe, and he will guide me through this goal.

You’ve probably read countless articles or books with the same title (The Golden Key to Success). And it is normal that you can identify any similarities with these and other articles. Nobody ever invented nor will invent anything. I believe – We vibrate with the Universe and always attract what we want, (Good or Bad, Success or Failure).

The Golden Key to Success has been put on “paper” in its purest form possible… the way it emerged from my Soul. Or if you want, exactly as it was received from the Universe.

This article is available in pdf here!

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Laurindo Santos, EzineArticles Basic Author

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