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What Is the Real Meaning of Success?

Success5People naturally link success to talent, money, power, charm, vitality… and for this reason we believe that successful people are those who are clever, rich, influential, sensual and vigorous. However this is not always true.

Well, what is the real meaning of success?

There are two conditions that govern our lives; – At any given moment we are either sharing or receiving. In fact, sharing, or in other words “giving away”, is our common mission in life. That’s the reason for the numerous examples of those who gave their lives in the name of peace… to protect other people.

Unfortunately, a large number of people in this world are striving to take and keep for themselves the few “coins” that others work so hard to earn. In addition, people are everywhere using their power to violate the basic rights of innocent children.

In order to receive, first we need to be sharing. And here is the best part: – Whatever it is that we share today comes back to us tomorrow in double, or even multiple times more/bigger.

By the way:

  • Those who teach are rewarded with knowledge,
  • Love unconditionally to make your life a lovely journey,
  • Always act with humility and you’ll be even more influential,
  • Simplicity is what really attracts love and strong relationships.

We use to say; – “One day I’ll have a lot of money to share with those who need it”. However, tomorrow might never come. – Share the few things you now have. Or, at least, if you don’t want to give away the fish, then teach others how to fish. Yes, we all have something special going on inside of us… our innate talents, our divine messages.

By the way, if you think you do not have anything special to share, guess what? – You are a special person! Share exactly this with world.

Success is waking up every morning and going through the day feeling happy and putting a smile on every single face we interact with; Starting at home, going to the street, embracing  our coworkers and spreading our positive thoughts to the whole world. Yes, the world really needs to be absorbing positive energy. It is everyone’s responsibility to spread happiness.


Success is smart work, allowing you to save time to spend with your family. But success is also going back home every single day feeling tired, but happy to have contributed to one more productive day, to the great performance of your team and your organization as a whole.

Success is to have enough money to feed your family and help others. But success is also being short on money, knowing on the other hand that it’s the result of each single drop of sweat that rolls down on your face.

Success also lays down on our humility to recognize that we are here to serve the World, not to be served by the World. It’s our responsibility to contribute to a better future, raising responsible and self-confident children.

Success is knowing to appreciate the success of others. Yes, there’s no room for selfishness. When and where friendship really exists, the happiness of others is meant to make us happy as well.

Success is being conscious that we are here to succeed, and that it is the result of beating failure. It is also important to know that success is not about being perfect. As I use to say, – those who are trying to be perfect are preparing to fail.

Success is knowing that lack of success is not the reason why we fail.


Success is not being concerned about succeeding. It happens naturally, and each single person in this world is meant to be a case of success.

Life is a “problem solving journey” toward success. It is the destination and the reward of honesty, hard work and perseverance.

Laurindo Santos, EzineArticles Basic Author

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