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What Is the Law of Gratitude?

Gratitude is a powerful tool that we all should be putting into practice in order to be able to improve all aspects of our lives (Health, Money, Relationship… ). It’s just a matter of being happy with our actual condition, even if it’s not yet what we really want. We have to commit ourselves to cultivate this important habit. – Well, what is the law of gratitude?

From my few lessons about Economics, I learned that “Men’s necessities are unlimited”. – Thus we are likely to spend our entire lives always searching for “more”;

Today I own what yesterday was a mere dream, but tomorrow I’ll be struggling to get something new, instead of really enjoying what I now have. In fact, if it were possible for us to buy an Island, soon we would be trying to buy a Helicopter to fly in and out… then a city, a country… and we would continue to hold the “spring” till we were able to govern the Universe.

We all have an astonishing power to attract more of whatever it is that we are manifesting gratitude for.

However, every single day we complain about not having the car and/or the house of our dream, about not having enough money to enjoy those systematically postponed vacations. You name it, we moan about it.

In our effort to get as much as we can, we forget to manifest gratitude for what we have already acquired. Is it a bicycle, a car, a house? And what about our health, kids, and family as a whole?

Also show gratitude for being an intelligent person. In fact, God offered you his most powerful creation; your Brain.

Do you want to experiment with the power of Gratitude? Whenever you feel too lazy to start a task, pretend that you have already finished that same task. Take time to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, then suddenly and without really realizing it, you’ll be already in progress, and finally feeling better about yourself.

At this point, our conclusion is that gratitude creates a sense of happiness, thus helping us to manage difficult situations, such as this:

– It was Sunday, and early in the morning I woke up suddenly with a lot of people in front of my house, all of them talking out loud at the same time. After a long week, I felt that I deserved a good rest that morning. My first reaction was to go outside and ask them to stay away from my door; however, a light shined in my head – Well, I live in such a beautiful place. Thus, it’s normal that people pass by, stop for a while to enjoy the landscape, and of course spend some time chatting with their friends.

This helped me feel better.

An important thing to remember is that a state of gratitude actually helps us to save money. And the reason is simple; as soon as we learn to appreciate whatever it is that we have, our desire to buy new stuff is dramatically reduced, and at the same time, we start converting ourselves into a “money magnet”.

Have you manifested gratitude today? If not, go ahead and do it right now.


Laurindo Santos, EzineArticles Basic Author

4 thoughts on “What Is the Law of Gratitude?”

  1. This is so true! I saw a movie last night that was so sad it made me cry a lot and then I couldn’t get the story out of my head. I was regretting watching it and wondering why I didn’t just turn it off. But after reading this, now I realize that the gift of the movie was Gratitude. Instead of being scared and upset about the crazy world we live in, with some conscious effort, I can be grateful for my life, my health and my family. My true treasures. So thanks again for this enlightening post.

    1. Hi Anny,
      Thanks for your comment.
      – I once read and absolutely agree that there’s always something positive behind what makes us feel sad.
      Positive mood is certainly on of the secret of success.
      All the Best.

  2. Hi, great advice. I practice gratitude myself, and I think another point comes out and that is changing our perspective. Instead of being angry about the noise, you choose to look at it from the perspective that people stopped to admire the beautiful landscape. Great attitude!

  3. Hi Karlene,
    Thanks for commenting.
    I once read a crazy story about a millionaire who found a penny in the street, and while putting it on his pocket he screamed: – I am a Money Magnet!!!

    – I have no doubt that the force that drives us to a penny is the same that also drives us to millions. Probably that’s the reason why he took the opportunity to show gratitude for that “special moment”.

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