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Peace and Child

Ideia - Leiny - 2705201Peace and Child is a divine combination.

Two years ago I gained a lovely picture from my 5 years old daughter. – A meaningful message, that I would like to summarize here:

  • Bright Sun, blue Sky, Love, green trees/mountains, fresh fruits, flowers, happy kids, balloons, garden, home (suit home), car inviting for a tour… Also in the picture, a little girl enjoying the beautiful day.

Bottom line – Peace and Love are all that she could imagine.

If fact the message is so deep, and words are not enough to describe it. And more important;  that’s exactly what children always put on paper, because for them nothing is more important than Peace.

Well, if children always want Peace, why do they sometimes rise deviating to violence and hostility? –The reason is simple;  It’s the adult’s fault.

A little child’s mind is wide open and hungry for learning. Unfortunately, it’s not always capable of distinguishing what’s correct or wrong. It captures whatever signal that at a given time resonates with its own vibration.

When children rise surrounded by a peaceful environment, they turn to be happy, good students, responsible professionals and great parents. Now imagine what kind of adults an hostile environment is capable to create.

In order to promote Peace and a good environment to our kids, we have to spend enough time to share our life experience with them.

By the way, children always see their parents as an example to follow… their Peace of Mind. However, when seeking responses they need, if they are not able to get the answer from their parents, they will invariable try to find someone else to support them. Unfortunately, when this happen they normally end up getting the wrong answer.

We spend most of our time working in order to be able to feed our children. Additionally, when at home, we spend hours and hours watching TV and surfing the Internet.

Oddly enough, we never have time and Peace of Mind to feed our children’s mind.

Once again, Peace is all that children want. Thus, it’s our responsibility to cultivate Peace, anytime, everywhere.

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