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Never take life too seriously

Life is not so easy, but it meant to be fun.

We all have a family to look after, thus a large fraction of our time is spent at work. In addition, most people spend long hours working from home.

Whatever job you do, you must reserve block times to enjoy your life. This includes, play and/or go for a walk with your family, visit friends, have enough resting hours in order to be able to recover your energy and recondition yourself… Well, you should be doing whatever keeps you away from your working day routine.

God did it, and you also must be courageous enough to take at least one day out weekly, and one month vacation each year. During those period, try to stay away from your computer (your tools) and any routine task.

– Always spend quality time at work, and quantity time with your family! (Brian Tracy)

It’s important for you to enjoy the natural side of your life. Take time to be yourself.

It’s always a good idea to spend some time meditating. It helps you feel more relaxed, while bringing positive energy into your life.

Do you have or know something you and other people like? – Of course yes. We all do. – Thus, share those things with your friends and the world as well.

Always smile, joke and laugh as loud as you can… And make other people do the same. Shout if necessary and let the stress go out.

Sing and play your favorite songs whenever you can, anytime, anywhere.

Avoid sadness! – We all face difficulties, but we have the incredible capacity to shift almost instantly our state of mind, by simply changing our thoughts. Feel the presence of God… Show gratitude by focusing on the positive. Yes, there’s always something positive behind what makes you feel sad.

Remember your company and/or your boss need your workforce. By the other hand, your Family, Friends and probably the World itself  want you… The joyful you, indeed.

Never take life too seriously. – I don’t.

Take some time everyday to play with your children, and, at least for a while, be a child also. This is a simple way to show your kids that your care about them.

Enjoy your life… Be happy!

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