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Family Is the Foundation of Society


It is often said that no one is perfect, but a team can be. However, we are much more than a “team.” We are a family.

In January 2011, during a celebration organized by my company, I said these words to my colleagues, with the purpose of highlighting the cohesiveness of our team.

Indeed, it’s common sense that “family is the foundation of society.”

Since my childhood, I used to hear my father saying:

A man arrives at home after a long working day. He is greeted at the door by his wife, who kisses him tenderly. The children also embrace their father warmly. With so much love, the fatigue simply disappears, giving space to the great feelings of loving and being loved.

How good it would be if, in every home, we could cultivate the atmosphere of love, peace, and serenity… So would our society become, and we could gradually build a wonderful world and an ideal future for our children – no war, cruelty, or selfishness. In fact, all evil would disappear, and we would turn to live long lives – lives filled with much more love.

Unfortunately, life concerns clearly affect family relations. Families, once well structured, nowadays face difficult times.

At least with respect to us, the Capeverdeans, emigration and the need for a better education have both caused the separation between parents and children, and these are factors that deeply affect the stability of families.

On the other hand, it is also difficult to avoid negative environments, which unfortunately, sometimes include our own schools. Facing such a high risk, it is essential that parents demonstrate, at all times, complete openness in relationships with their children, thus creating an ideal environment to clear all doubts that their children may have. Otherwise, the children are likely to start looking for support elsewhere and normally end up involved with malicious people.

At this point, I would like to stress the importance of family reunions. A snack, a barbecue, or simply going to the beach are all suggestions to enjoy pleasant and unforgettable moments. Whenever possible, those moments should be recorded on video, as this kind of stuff becomes valuable as time goes.

Let’s maintain a commitment to do something different with our family at least once a year. Christmas, Easter, and why not May 15th (the International Day of Families)… Well, actually the day does not really matter.

Everyday should be seen as a “day of families.”

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Laurindo Santos, EzineArticles Basic Author

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