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If you like “Buying Amazon”, there’s something you should consider; – Always start your “Buying Journey” opening the Amazon Gold Box:

Golden Box

Yes, you should visit the Deal of the Day Page every single day!

Apart from the Deal of the Day the Lightning Deals, displaying limited-time deals are also at GREAT PRICES.

So far I have seen Amazon offering up to 90% Off on valuable products. You might be on your “Lucky Day” and find your preferred items waiting for you somewhere, lost among the thousands of products being promoted.

Deals pages

By the way, here’s an example of what was being promoted by the time I published this article:

Amazon Deals-2

From the Deal of the Day Page you can also chose to sign up to be notified daily about the deals, by simply clicking the “Never miss another deal” Link and then follow the instructions.

.. But Amazon also offers “Free Stuff”, or (let’s say) almost free. Yes, of course you have to cover shipping costs. – Check for example these products currently being sold for 1 (one) penny or less:

Almost Free Stuff

Good Luck!


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